Hello, I’m Olga Kostic, and my company, Fleurieu Winery Supplies can supply you with the latest and original offering of Hybrid Wine Yeasts from Anchor Biotechnologies of South Africa, in particular, Lysozyme, for the control of growth of bacteria in wine, the prevention of stuck fermentations and lactic spoilage, as well as applications in micro-oxygenation and Burgundian techniques.

I also offer:

  • SNIFF’Brett – a new medium for the simple and rapid detection of brettanomyces from 2 days at approx $10/test.
  • PROSTAB a 10 minute protein stability test kit.
  • NATUZYM non GMO enzymes for winemaking.
  • OENOPROD natural grape tannins from France.
  • And Tonnellerie Bordelaise French oak of the highest quality, including Troncais.

Other products in my range inlcude:

  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals
  • Enzymes
  • Ingredients & Flavourings
  • Quality Control Products
  • Yeast
  • WISA impact award results
    Last night at Adelaide Town Hall, the Wine Industry Suppliers Association held its 11th annual awards night. Awards were given in eleven categories within the wine industry, and were judged on their level of both direct and indirect impact. Source, Winetitles. […]
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    Treasury Wine Estates has sold Clare Valley winery, Quelltaler Estate. On October 19, Seppeltsfield Wines announced the purchase of the Quelltaler Estate winery and vineyard assets. The original Quelltaler trademark is included in the deal. Source, Winetitles. […]
  • Deadly fires hit wine regions in Spain & Portugal
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    Napa Valley wine appears to have been spared the worst of fire damage in Northern California, according to the Napa Valley Vintners. The Napa Valley Vintners have heard from 330 of its member wineries. Of those, 47 sustained direct damage and only a handful experienced significant property loss. Source, CNBC. […]
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    Comedian Eric Wareheim and Winemaker Joel Burt have created a "Sweet berry wine". The Las Jaras label launched to the public last week with a Sonoma Mountain Cabernet, a Mendocino Carignan, a Mendocino rosé and Sweet Berry Wine (the berry is also Carignan, in this case, and the wine is dry). Source, Wine Spectator. […]
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    Failed wine entrepreneur David James faced the Downing Centre Local Court on Thursday after being arrested earlier this month and charged with stalking and intimidation, plus two counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Source, Drinks Central. […]
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