Hello, I’m Olga Kostic, and my company, Fleurieu Winery Supplies can supply you with the latest and original offering of Hybrid Wine Yeasts from Anchor Biotechnologies of South Africa, in particular,¬†Lysozyme, for the control of growth of bacteria in wine, the prevention of stuck fermentations and lactic spoilage, as well as applications in micro-oxygenation and Burgundian techniques.

I also offer:

  • SNIFF’Brett – a new medium for the simple and rapid detection of brettanomyces from 2 days at approx $10/test.
  • PROSTAB a 10 minute protein stability test kit.
  • NATUZYM non GMO enzymes for winemaking.
  • OENOPROD natural grape tannins from France.
  • And Tonnellerie Bordelaise French oak of the highest quality, including Troncais.

Other products in my range inlcude:

  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals
  • Enzymes
  • Ingredients & Flavourings
  • Quality Control Products
  • Yeast